Eligibility candidates for IRPO

  1. The application must be submitted by a Belgian Institute
  2. The candidate must be supported by two promotors out of which one must be appointed in a Belgian Institute.
  3. The candidate can immerge from any discipline involved in research in ophthalmology. including research in the development of devices to evaluate visual function.
  4. An applicant cannot take the function of promotor in another project.
  5. The applicant must be younger than 38 years at the deadline of submission.
  6. The applicant is not yet recognized PhD or did not yet introduce the PhD draft at the University Faculty.
  7. The host institution, if applicable, must not necessarily be Belgian.
  8. The applicant should submit his/her curriculum vitae specifying the degree of education, the publications, posters and oral presentations at national/international meetings.
  9. The curriculum vitae is mandatory to confirm the eligibility of the applicant.
  10. The FRO grant can be considered for:
      • applicant’s salary
      • purchase of specific equipment, consumables
      • travelling costs for specific training in relation to the project

    The specific needs should be motivated.
    The total amount should not exceed 30 000€. Equipment cost should be justified by means of a quotation of the manufacturer/distributor.

  11. The role of both the supporting Institution and the host Institution should be clearly stated.
  12. The application will not be considered for the first-round evaluation if not complete.