Belgian Ophthalmology Cooperation in Clinical Sciences: BOCCS

The aim of BOCCS is to stimulate collaboration between Belgian Institutes by creating a cooperation aiming at exploring therapeutic outcomes, diagnostic methods or epidemiological parameters of challenging clinical problems with unclear evidence-based/ harmonized protocols by pooling /sharing samples and models between the participating centers. The outcomes should benefit the Belgian Ophthalmologists in their daily practice and improve optimal use of Social Security resources. The collaborating teams should follow the ICH-GCP regulations and requirements applicable at the time of submission. BOCCS is a two-year assignment program with an option to apply for a second round of funding. BOCCS projects are collaborative, clinical projects involving two or more Belgian centers of expertise. If successful, the maximum amount of money allocated to such projects also depends on the number of centers involved, beyond the quality and topic of the research project*p5.

Timeline & deadlines:

• Submission of preliminary call30 June 2022, before midnight
• Preselection by international jury31 July 2022
• Final submission of successful applications15 October 2022, before midnight
• Selection of final successful projects15 November 2022
• Announcement of final successful projects25 November 2022 at OB2022 Congress
• Start of the funding01 December 2022
• End of the funding31 November 2023

A Final Application Form (FAF), with indications as to what is required for the Preliminary Application and which additional information is required for the Final Application, can be downloaded here.
A shorter Preliminary Application Form (PAF), with indications as to what is required for the Preliminary Application, can be found after the Final Application Form.
First submit the PAF. If your project is successful and selected for the final round, please submit the FAF by the deadline indicated above.

Upload your Application Form here:

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 8 MB.